Templates [ENG]

About templates and how to use them :

The templates available at the Zargos Skin Factory are (unless specified) designed for the IL2 Great Battles Series editions.
They are totaly free and free of use as long as relevant credit is given when they are used for creating & publishing skins
All commercial use of these template are forbiden and will be made without my authorization.

Templates are released in 4K (4096 x 4096) resolution and are made from official 2K (2048 x 2048) templates. I modifiy them as follows :

  • 100 % new panel lines and rivets
  • New stencils and servitude markings
  • Improvement of internals (if necessary)
  • New alpha layer
  • Nes normal map (to be copy in :\data\graphics\planes\[plane name]\Textures\)

Basic camo and weathering are interpolated from those of the 2k official template. It is a personnal choice not to provide new weathering because :

  1. Weathering is what brings the skin to live and makes the difference between skiners styles. And I don’t want my style copied on skin which are not mine.
  2. I consider that skiners that are not enough skilled yet (or too lazy to make the effort to improve) shall do with the basic weathering. It will give them ideas and solutions to improve if they want to.